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Foot and ankle problems can keep you from living an active lifestyle, doing your job, or even walking from one place to another without pain. Once you make the decision to get help for your condition, you might find that your insurance provider limits your options. Unfortunately, we’ve found many people with foot problems are being forced to choose between one-size-fits-all therapies or over-the-counter products—neither of which can provide the long-term benefits they need.  

Exceptional, Innovative Care for Your Feet in Lee's Summit With Our Foot Surgeon

Dr. Joel Foster, DPM doctor, has created a different kind of podiatry office: one that puts patients front and center in all aspects of care. Whether you need custom orthotics, therapeutic laser treatment, toenail care, or foot surgery, your comfort, and concerns will be the primary driver of your treatment. Since we are a direct pay practice, you have the freedom to get the best orthotics or procedure for you—not just the one your insurance would pay for.

Visit Dr. Foster Today to Get the Foot Care You Need

If you are suffering from heel pain, mobility issues, skin infections, nail problems, nerve damage, or another foot or ankle condition, we can help. We can even schedule same-day appointments if your condition needs immediate intervention. Call us today at (816) 246-4222 or fill out our online contact form to make an appointment at our Lee's Summit clinic with Dr. Foster.