For almost 20 years, Dr. Foster and our entire staff have run a small, family-owned podiatry practice that has served the needs of thousands of patients. Our goal has always been to deliver the best care with a human touch that makes every patient who walks through our door feel like a welcome member of our growing community.

Lately, achieving this goal has become difficult. More and more every day, meeting the profit-driven demands of many insurance providers obstructs our ability to focus on the desires of our patients or the recommendations of our dedicated medical staff. In short, they make achieving our goal of delivering the best care with a human touch all but impossible.

This is why we have transitioned to a direct-pay model that puts the decision making back in the hands of patients. We will no longer be working with health insurance providers. We believe that working directly with our patients will create a better experience for every patient we serve. It will create simple, transparent pricing and ensure that decisions made about your care stay between you and Dr. Foster. This model will also ensure we are focused on you and your care—not paperwork and red tape dictated by insurance companies.

We will still accept payments from HSA and FSA funds just as we always have. And we are happy to provide 1500 forms so that you can submit a claim to your insurance provider. As always, we are happy to talk about payment options on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you for being a member of our Foot Care family. We are glad to count you as a part of our community and believe that this transition will create an even better experience for you in the future. If you have questions, we are happy to talk at (816) 246-4222 or next time you’re in the office. Thank you for trusting your foot care to us! We look forward to caring for you for many years to come.

Office Visit/Consultation

  • New Concern | $149
  • Follow-Up Visit | $79
  • *New Patient Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam | $235
  • *Existing Patient Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam | $165

    *Includes lower extremity skin, neurological, vascular and musculoskeletal evaluation, 
    along with ankle brachial index (arterial blood flow evaluation) with volume plethesmograpy

Imaging Services

  • 3-Dimensional X-Ray (per foot/ankle) | $79
  • Weight-Bearing CT (per foot/ankle) | $249
  • Ultrasound (per region) | $79

Surgical Services

We make every effort to give our patients as many options as possible in order to allow every patient to make the decisions that are best for them. That is why we have two different pricing options for surgical procedures (see details below).

The first option is to have the procedure done in our office surgical suite under local anesthetic. These charges include all surgical room charges, surgeons fees, instrumentation, as well as standard post-operative visits and x-rays. This option is best for people with high deductibles, as it saves most people thousands of dollars from standard hospital or surgical center charges. It is also an option for those that like the convenience of avoiding some of the hassles of going through a hospital or surgical center setting.

The second option is to have your procedure done at an outpatient surgical center (St. Luke East Surgery Center). In this case, the surgical room charges and any anesthesia charges are billed from the surgical center to your insurance. You will be responsible to our office for the surgeon's fees only, as well as charges for up to four (4) anticipated post-operative visits. This option is best for patients with insurance plans that cover surgical and anesthesia charges, and would prefer to pay a lower amount to our office for the surgeon fees only. It is also a good option for those that would like to be sedated for their procedure rather than having local anesthetic only.

In-Office | Surgical Option #1

  • Hyprocure/EOTTS Flat Foot Repair | $2,950
  • Bunion Correction | $1,495
  • Hammertoe Correction | $795
  • Toe Tendon Release | $549
  • Temporary Toenail Removal | $149
  • Permanent Toenail or Toenail Border Removal | $275
  • Removal of Foreign Body (simple) | $189
  • Removal of Foreign Body (complicated) | $279
  • Removal of Foreign Body (hospital) | $579
  • Ulcer Debridement | $95
  • Excision of Skin Lesion $379  

Note: This is a condensed list of common procedures that are performed in-office.

Outpatient Surgical Center | Surgical Option #2

  • Bunion correction - $799
  • Hammertoe correction - $499
  • Removal of prominent bone - $499
  • Removal of hardware - $499
  • Nerve decompression - $499
  • Excision of cyst/soft tissue mass - $499 

Note: This is a condensed list of common procedures that are performed on an outpatient basis.


  • Steroid Injection | $79
  • Nerve Block | $79
  • Synvisc Joint Injections | $300

Orthotics and Bracing

  • Heat-Molded Orthotics (pair) | $60
  • Calibrated Custom Foot Orthotics (pair) | $375
  • Custom Foot Orthotics (additional pairs) | $300
  • Equinus Brace | Call for pricing
  • Walking Boot | $189
  • Diabetic Walker Boot | $275
  • Surgical Shoe | $25
  • Offloading Shoe | $45
  • Crutches | $60
  • TayCo Custom AFO | Call for pricing
  • TayCo Prefabricated AFO - Call for pricing
  • Lace-Up Ankle Brace | $45

Toenail and Callus Care

  • Toenail Debridement | $55
  • Callus Debridement | $55

Therapy Services

  • Therapeutic Laser (per treatment/each location | $65
  • EPAT (per treatment/each location) | $150
  • Aquaroll (per treatment) | $65


  • Better Feet Package | $825
    Office consultation, X-rays both feet (for comparison), ultrasound both feet (for comparison), heat-molded orthotics, custom foot orthotics
  • Post-Op Laser Package (6 treatments) | $300
  • Therapeutic Laser Package (8 treatments) | $480
  • EPAT Package (4 treatments) | $500
  • Heel Pain Package | $850
    Custom foot orthotics and EPAT series
  • Aquaroll Package (4 sessions) | $220

Other Services

  • Swift Microwave Wart Therapy (per treatment) | $200
  • Toenail Laser Treatment (per treatment 1 nail) | $89
  • Toenail Laser Treatment (per treatment 2-10 nails) | $200
  • Neurogenx Neuropathy Treatment Series (48 treatments) | $2,500 
  • Lower Extremity Blood Flow Evaluation (both legs) | $89