Dr. Foster Lee's Summit podiatrist treating for better feet package analysisMany online vendors offer custom shoe inserts promising to relieve pain and make walking more comfortable. However, store-bought inserts can range from $15.00 to $4,000, each offering mixed results. It takes someone who knows feet inside and out to create the best custom orthotics for your condition. Fortunately, our board-certified podiatrist has prepared an all-in-one solution to give you long-lasting results.

The Better Feet Package

The feet are a complex system of muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments, and they spend two-thirds of your life carrying your entire body weight. When a problem arises, it will take careful consideration to stop the pain and find permanent relief. That’s why Joel Foster, DPM, has created the Better Feet Package. The Better Feet package includes: an initial comprehensive office visit with onsite X-rays of both feet, an ultrasound of both feet to visualize the plantar fascial band, a pair of heat-molded orthotics, and a pair of custom-calibrated orthotics—all for only $825.

Our Better Feet package is ideal for patients who are experiencing the following: 

  • Arch and forefoot pain. Patients may notice soreness on the soles or balls of their feet or experience sharp pains in their arches from uneven pressure across the foot.
  • Heel pain. Orthotics can relieve plantar fasciitis symptoms, helping ease pressure on tight tendons and reduce heel pain.
  • Ankle pain. Well-made orthotics provide stability and balance to the foot across every axis, reducing pain from rolling ankles and preventing joint injuries.
  • Hip and knee pain. Compensating for pain in your feet can cause misalignment throughout the body, changing the way you walk and causing pain to travel up your leg and into the hip joint.
  • Back pain. Improper weight distribution in the feet places added strain on the back, further impairing mobility.

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