Misaligned feet can cause a wide range of problems. From hyperpronation and heel pain to an inability to bear weight on flattened feet, a misalignment of the bones can cause severe heel and ankle pain that can prevent you from living your life to the fullest.

Many people treat the symptoms of the condition for years, relying on orthotics or special shoes to compensate for the deformity in their feet. Unfortunately, the pain and its limitations will keep coming back if the underlying problem isn’t resolved.

Our podiatry office is the only Atlas-certified provider in Missouri able to offer HyProCure–an advanced, permanent solution for pain and discomfort caused by foot misalignment.

What Is HyProCure?

Bone displacement in the rear of the foot can have wide-ranging effects throughout the body. The added pressure on the heel can cause plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the tissue band on the bottom of the foot. The ankle bone may slip from its stable position on the heel bone, causing a gait abnormality called hyperpronation. Over time, the arch flattens, causing pain throughout the foot that travels into the ankle, knee, and hip joints.

HyProCure is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure that can dramatically improve pain caused by misalignment in the bones of the back half of the foot. A small titanium stent is inserted into the sinus tarsi, the naturally occurring space between the heel and ankle bones. The stent relieves stress on the bones and ligaments and redistributes the pressure on your feet, restoring your natural gait.

Benefits of HyProCure Over Traditional Foot Surgery

Joel Foster, DPM, is board certified in foot surgery by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery (ABFAS) with proficiency in forefoot and rearfoot reconstruction. His choice to offer HyProCure treatment was based on the direct benefits it provides to patients, including:

  • No use of pins, screws, or drills during the procedure
  • Restoring range of motion and balance to the foot
  • No bones are cut or repositioned, making the process fully reversible
  • Preventing bone damage in the ankle joint
  • Faster surgical recovery with better long-term results
  • Ability to resume an active lifestyle
  • Preventing the collapse of the arch

If you’re suffering from hyper-pronation, plantar fasciitis, or muscular pain due to misaligned feet, HyProCure treatment could get you back to the activities you love. Please call us today at 816-246-4222 or fill out our online contact form to request a callback.

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