Swift Microwave Therapy treating plantar warts on foot

Unsightly plantar warts are caused by strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV). And where there’s one, others are likely to crop up, as HPV is contagious and easily transmitted through touch and shared towels, shoes, and socks. Some warts might also be irritating or even painful if positioned in a load-bearing location or in a spot that encounters a lot of friction from footwear.

In the past, treatment for warts has been frustrating and challenging for both doctors and patients. This is because traditional treatment for warts is marginally effective, is usually very costly because of the number of treatments and visits, and often times is very painful as there is blistering of the skin or open wounds. This results in patents being passed from doctor to doctor, spending more and more money searching for resolution. Thanks to Swift, patients now have a better option.

Swift Microwave Therapy is a revolutionary treatment option for warts that offers improved cure rates, greater convenience, less pain, and zero downtime or aftercare when compared to traditional wart therapies.

Instead of conventional treatments such as cutting out, freezing off, or peeling away the wart, Swift is an immunotherapy technique that helps your body’s immune system rapidly fight off the infection. Then, the wart disappears without needing to be forcibly destroyed or removed.

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Swift Microwave Therapy Success Story

Chase, a 40-year-old college professor from Gladstone, is finally celebrating a pain-free lifestyle after enduring agonizing pain for nearly 10 years. He developed recalcitrant plantar warts in his heel that other podiatrists tried to resolve, including with surgery. Unfortunately, this caused the wart to spread and then cluster, which worsened his gait and caused back pain. Fortunately, after Swift Microwave Therapy, not only are the warts gone, but also his other issues.

“Dr. Foster is a miracle worker. He's truly changed the quality of my life, and I don't know how to thank him and his team. I cried in his office when he told me that the wart was gone,” Chase says. “Dr. Foster gave me hope at a time when I'd nearly given up.”

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