Yes, you can get the absolute best pair of custom foot orthotics for only $375.

What makes these the best?

They Will Last for Several Years

Our orthotics are made with the best materials that will hold up for several years. True custom foot orthotics are not like glasses that must be replaced yearly. A good pair of orthotics should continue to provide relief for you for several years before having to be replaced.

They’ll Be Made From a Cast of Your Feet 

These are not something pulled off a shelf that is “custom fit” by a salesperson with no medical training. Your feet will be cast in the correct positionCustom made foot orthotics casting by a doctor who has been trained in foot and ankle biomechanics and has several years of experience in this field.

Also, you will not receive a mail-in kit requiring you to stand in foam that will capture your foot in the incorrect position -- resulting in an orthotic that does not help and will lead to further pain or discomfort. Instead, the doctor will place each of your feet in their correct functional position for the cast to be made.

They’ll Function Specifically for Your Feet

Lastly, the orthotics are calibrated to help them function specifically for you and your needs. What does a calibrated orthotic mean? This means that the support and density of each orthotic is made specifically for you as well.

Just as a large truck needs different shocks and struts than a small sports car, each of us needs a different amount of support and control based on our foot flexibility and body weight. The orthotics you receive will not just be made in the correct shape for your feet but will also have the right material density to allow your feet to function the absolute best that they can for you.  

We Can Provide a Full Evaluation of Your Feet

Even though we know that we make the best custom foot orthotics, we recommend that you evaluate your condition to see if this is what you need.Custom made foot orthotics from Dr. Foster, DPM
Unfortunately, we have had several patients over the years who have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on various insoles when they did not need them.

There are many foot, ankle, and leg conditions that can be resolved without the use of an orthotic, and even some conditions that can be made worse with orthotics. We offer up-front, transparent pricing and can provide you with a full evaluation of your condition and a treatment plan to address your condition specifically.

Our recommendation is to have a full evaluation, including x-rays and/ or ultrasound imaging if indicated, in order to determine if custom, calibrated orthotics are necessary for you. However, if you already have a diagnosis and foot orthotics have been recommended to you by a medical professional, or you would rather try a pair of orthotics without being evaluated, we are happy to make the absolute best pair of orthotics for you. The casting process only takes a few minutes, and the orthotics will be ready for you within a few weeks.

Call Our Lee's Summit Office Today to Schedule Your Evaluation

So, whether you would like a full evaluation by Dr. Foster and our team or would simply like to have the best custom orthotics made for your feet, give us a call today at 816-246-4222.