“It was probably in 2006 when Dr. Foster used a foam mold to make my custom orthotics. During the office visit, I would have expected to have been standing on each of the forms to create those orthotic impressions. However, not the case–and in the past 11 years I have never doubted that he used the more accurate and beneficial method for that. I am still wearing that same set of orthotics, with a suede-like covering that is easily and regularly washed according to my activities–the covering has never loosened at all. This [orthotic] is by far cooler and more comfortable than the traditional hard plastic ones (which can also allow one’s foot to perspire, and slide on the slick surface).

Had I not found Dr. Foster and his technique, I would have had knee replacement and bunion surgery years ago. As long as I wear my orthotics, I now have no bunion, knee, or hip pain–or lower back pain. If I have a day wearing dress shoes or shoes without my orthotic, I pay for it with intense bunion pain–and overall body pain that night and the next morning. These orthotics make a vast improvement in my energy and ‘how tall I feel.’ My husband had the same orthotics made and became free of plantar fasciitis pain and would never wear shoes without them.

I see so many people who seem to be walking in pain, pain which may just possibly be alleviated with proper foot, leg, and hip alignment. We so appreciate the pleasant and caring support staff at Foot Care Specialist Joel D. Foster, DPM."

Jean D.