XIf you’ve been searching for a nonsurgical solution for persistent foot pain, custom foot orthotics could be the right solution for you. They're designed to provide targeted support to areas of your feet that need it the most. But before you run to the drugstore and grab the latest shoe insert, you should know that a better and longer-lasting custom calibrated foot orthotic treatment is available for much less than most people think.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Orthotics?

Orthotics, braces, and other shoe inserts can be highly effective for various conditions. Properly constructed custom calibrated foot orthotics help redistribute body weight, improve foot function and relieve discomfort for heel pain, arch pain, and many other painful foot conditions. They can also increase a patient’s stability and balance, improving whole-body performance and reducing or resolving chronic pain.

Custom orthotics might cost more than prefabricated shoe inserts, but that’s because they offer the following:​​​​​​ 

  • Higher durability. Rigid or semi-rigid custom orthotics should last up to five years or even longer with proper care. Unlike store-bought inserts, they can also be refurbished or repaired to accommodate foot changes.
  • Flexibility. Instead of buying multiple pair of inserts for every pair of shoes, custom orthotics can be transferred easily between several pairs of a patient’s shoes, allowing you to take your prescribed course of treatment wherever you go.
  • Long-lasting relief. Store-bought orthotics are made to be one-size-fits-all, making their results temporary at best—or a waste of money, which is usually the case. Properly prescribed and constructed calibrated custom foot orthotics are designed for your specfic needs and are designed to last.

Affordable Custom Orthotic Options in Our Lee’s Summit Office

We offer a range of orthotic devices at different price points so patients can get the care they need. Best of all, our least expensive orthotics cost about the same as a pair of store-bought inserts but are made specifically for you and can be adjusted over time. Here are some of our products.

Heat-molded orthotics

Instead of guessing which insert you need off the rack, we select an appropriate device and heat mold it to fit your foot, right in our office. A pair of these orthotics costs only $60, and you can walk out with them the same day.

Calibrated custom foot orthotics

If you need a more substantial device, we provide fully custom calibrated orthotics made just for you using a mold of your feet. We use a casting process to capture your feet in the proper position, allowing us to create orthotics that improve foot function and add support in precisely the right places. The cost of one pair of individually-calibrated foot orthotics is just $375.

Additional pairs of custom orthotics 

Patients who work on their feet or are highly active may wish to purchase a second pair of custom orthotics. This helps extend your devices' lifespan and avoid constantly swapping inserts from shoe to shoe. If we’ve already made a mold of your foot, each additional pair of custom orthotics is only $300.

Foot braces and splints 

Some patients may need more aggressive interventions to stretch tight tendons or pull their muscles and ligaments back into proper alignment. Our selection of ankle-foot orthoses, or braces, combine arch support and ankle stability if both are necessary. Choose from custom or prefabricated TayCo braces to help with ankle stability or an Equinus Brace to help people with tight calf muscles and tight Achilles tendons.

Custom Orthotics and EPAT in One Convenient Package at Our Lee's Summit Podiatry Office

Many of our patients ask what treatment options are available to help reduce pain as fast as possible. We have combined two of our most successful treatments into our popular Heel Pain Package to deliver quick and effective pain relief. Patients can experience the healing effects of Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology (EPAT) and custom orthotics at a bundled price that saves both money and time.

EPAT is a shockwave therapy that stimulates the body’s natural healing process. The high-pressure waves are sent directly to the tissues, improving the flow of blood and nutrients needed to repair damage and trigger your body's own natural healing response. This highly-effective combination therapy costs $850 for the most common heel and Achilles conditions.