Okay, so the holidays are over, and what a wonderful time it was! You did so many things to care for your family and friends—now it’s time to treat your feet!

If you suffer from hammertoesheel spurs, painful corns, bunions or Tailor’s bunions, and other conditions, you’ve probably tried a lot of remedies so far to avoid conventional surgery. And we totally agree: we prefer to work with our patients on all non-surgical options first to give them the pain relief they need right away.

However, if the thought of surgery is keeping you from the active lifestyle you prefer, consider minimally invasive surgery (MIS) to resolve your foot issues. This cost-effective procedure uses small incisions and specialized instruments for fast yet effective results. When compared to traditional open surgery, MIS techniques offer multiple benefits for people with foot pain, including: 

  • Faster, more convenient treatment. We can perform most of these outpatient procedures in our office, and you’re usually done within an hour or so.

  • A more targeted approach. We pinpoint the source of pain—such as nerve compression, bone spurs, or damaged cartilage—more readily and don’t disturb healthy surrounding tissue. 

  • Less post-operative pain and quicker recovery. Smaller incisions reduce pain and swelling, so you’re usually able to bear weight the same day. This accelerated recovery timeline allows you to return to work and general daily activities more quickly—a significant advantage for busy professionals, parents of young children, and athletes eager to resume their training routine.

  • Cost Savings. By performing these procedures in our office, we can save you thousands of dollars as compared to having the procedures done in the hospital or surgery center.

Dr. Joel Foster and his team are ready to help you evaluate all the options for your condition so you step into the new year pain-free and excited to return to your favorite pursuits. Learn how Minimally Invasive Surgery works and why it may be the best option for you.


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Minimally Invasive Surgery Results

Sometimes a surgical procedure is the best—or only—way to overcome your discomfort and return to a pain-free, active lifestyle. That said, many people are nervous about going under the knife and understandably want to be certain they’ll see good results with as little cost or pain as possible. 

We always encourage patients to learn all they can and provide them with as much information as possible to make the right decision. Below, Dr. Foster offers two videos that demonstrate minimally invasive surgical procedures and why they’re beneficial.

Watch as Dr. Foster explains minimally invasive surgery and bunion correction