When we are helping patients find fast, effective relief from heel pain, arthritis, sports injuries, and other conditions, our primary goal is to provide treatments that best meet the needs of our patients.

Aquaroll therapy meets these needs in many cases – but also comes with the bonus of feeling a lot like a luxurious spa treatment. 

Again, that’s not the main reason we offer it to our patients, but we’re glad it’s there.

What does Aquaroll do, and might it be a recommendation to aid your own pain relief and recovery needs? We’re here to provide some answers to these questions, but never hesitate to contact us if you need answers to anything that isn’t covered here. We’ll be happy to help you.

How Does Aquaroll Therapy Work?

Aquaroll might feel great for many patients, but that doesn’t mean it sacrifices effectiveness to do so. This has been a form of therapy used by professional athletes for some time, to accelerate their recovery, and they can tell you their recommended sports injury treatments are not always made with comfort in mind!

The Aquaroll system consists of a basin filled with warm water and 30,000 tiny, round, glass beads. During a therapy session, a patient is asked to submerge one or both feet into the basin and relax. 

The system will then start up, causing the water within the basin to shift in a rhythmic, wave-like manner that can be adjusted. This causes the beads to roll, press, and vibrate against all areas of the feet.

This is the part that most patients say feels good, but what does it do for you on a therapeutic level?

The effects of Aquaroll on the feet can have stimulated several natural responses in the body, each of which can be significantly beneficial in relieving symptoms and accelerating recovery:

  • Circulation to the feet and ankles improves. Increased blood flow is essential to providing more of the nutrients, growth factors, and other materials our body’s cells need to grow and conduct repairs. Increasing circulation to a damaged area is essentially like placing an order for more equipment at a construction site. 
  • Swelling decreases. As more items are brought into an area by increased circulation, more excess fluid can also be removed. This can help reduce swelling in certain cases.
  • Pain is reduced. This occurs both as a natural response to stimulus in the area (blocking pain signals from local nerves), and because of healing improving over time.


What Conditions Can Aquaroll Treat?

Aquaroll’s benefits can aid in the treatment of a number of different foot and ankle conditions – typically those with a basis in soft tissue injury. We might recommend Aquaroll by itself, or in combination with other treatments.

Some of the conditions that can benefit from Aquaroll therapy include:

  • Many causes of heel pain, including plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis 
  • Peripheral neuropathy (pain and other symptoms associated with nerve distress or damage)
  • Certain cases of foot or ankle arthritis
  • Ankle sprains and other sports injuries rooted in soft tissue strain or damage

Not all cases of the above conditions will have Aquaroll recommended for them. If we believe another course of treatment would be more effective for a certain situation and patient’s needs, we will always recommend that instead.

Additionally, if Aquaroll is recommended for certain conditions, we may also guide you through specific stretches and motions during each session, depending on what needs to be treated. This can help enhance and target certain areas for better results.

If you have recently undergone surgery, Aquaroll might also be recommended to help aid recovery and reduce the risk of an open excision-causing infection.

Does Aquaroll Have Extra Benefits?

Once again, pain relief and recovery are the primary hallmarks of Aquaroll therapy. But does having such a massage-style experience have other effects as well?

When it comes to the appearance of your skin, Aquaroll can provide some benefits. Both the motions of the Aquaroll beads against your skin and improved circulation in the area may help make your skin look younger and smoother. Scarring can also become less visible, and aged spots on the skin can take on a lighter appearance.

We will likely not recommend Aquaroll purely for cosmetic benefits, but having secondary improvements to the skin is still worth noting.

The Best Feelings Come from Prompt, Professional Aquaroll Treatment at Our Lee's Summit Office

Aquaroll therapy is only one tool in our arsenal of advanced treatments. Laser therapy, regenerative injection therapy, and other techniques are also available to help our patients find relief faster and more thoroughly whenever they may be needed.

Each treatment we provide is best used in specific situations for different conditions. Whenever you or a loved one comes to see us for a foot or ankle problem, our goal is always to perform a thorough evaluation of your needs and make the best recommendations for treatment possible. 

Sometimes that may be advanced tech like Aquaroll. Sometimes more conservative and traditional treatments are more than enough. Uncommonly, surgery might be the best path to relief. Whatever the course, we will always happily discuss the options with you and answer any questions you may have.

Even if your plan does not include Aquaroll, we still want your feet and ankles to feel their absolute best by the end of treatment!

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Joel Foster by calling our Lee’s Summit office or filling out our online contact form.