"My name is Bonnie. and I'm from Lee Summit, Missouri. I came in to see Dr. Foster for a bone spur on my right foot. I first noticed it when I was trying to take walks with my dog walk around the neighborhood. I wouldn't get very far without my foot starting to really bother me, and the longer it went on, the shorter the walks I could take, so I decided I better come in and have Dr. Foster take a look at it.

I heard about Dr. Foster from my sister and a good friend of mine who are actual patients of  Dr. Foster. After speaking with Dr. Foster, he gave me two or three different options, and I decided to go with the surgery. I felt very confident in his suggestions of having the surgery he explained to me exactly what was going to happen and what the recovery process would be like, and the follow through with him on the follow-up appointments. He explained exactly what was going on, and I'm making a full recovery. Absolutely I would recommend Dr. Foster to all my friends and family."

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