HyProCure procedure x-ray of foot

Misaligned feet are surprisingly common, but you don’t have to suffer in silence with the discomfort and limitations they can cause. The FDA-cleared HyProCure procedure can correct overpronation to alleviate your foot pain, improve your mobility, and enhance your overall well-being. 

HyProCure has been shown to offer better long-term results with a faster recovery time than traditional hindfoot reconstruction surgery. It’s safe for all ages—including children—and ideal for patients who are concerned about reducing their expenses and minimizing their downtime because the procedure is performed in the office under local anesthetic only.

Here's What to Expect After the HyProCure Procedure


HyProCure Success Story

Carrie, a 42-year-old from Lee’s Summit, was diagnosed with misaligned feet by Dr. Joel Foster several years ago. She endured knee and lower back pain for years before she was treated using the HyProCure procedure.

“I have no limitations with my feet now. At six months post-op, I had a bit of scar tissue in my right foot, but Dr. Foster performed an injection at the site, and it dissipated. I’ve had no issues or pain since then. I highly recommend this procedure.” 

Learn more about Carrie's full HyProCure experience.

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