Feet may look simple on the outside. But with 52 bones and 66 joints spread between them, they’re a lot more complex if you look a little closer!

Most of the time, these bones and joints work together harmoniously to keep you upright and moving to and fro, without significant pain or obstruction. However, some people develop major misalignments that pull bones and joints out of place. In such situations, there are usually two main treatment options—either custom orthotics to compensate for the misalignment, or a surgical procedure (such as HyProCure) to correct it.

One of the most common of these misalignments occurs between the ankle and the heel bone. Normally the ankle bone (talus) sits more or less directly on top of the heel bone (calcaneus), with a small gap or tunnel between the two known as the sinus tarsi. However, in some individuals the ankle bone can be misaligned, falling down and forward and causing the sinus tarsi to collapse. This causes flat feet, hyperpronation (ankles that roll too far inward), and pain all the way up the legs and back.

How Does HyProCure Correct Misaligned Feet?

In the past we might have recommended orthotics to deal with this sort of problem, but a recently developed surgical procedure called HyProCure is now the treatment of choice.

How does it work? It’s actually surprisingly simple. HyProCure is a small, specially designed titanium stent that can be implanted within the sinus tarsi—the naturally occurring gap between ankle and heel—via a small incision. Once the stent is in place, it physically prevents the ankle bone from falling forward, keeping the joint properly aligned and working correctly.

It does this:

  • Without limiting or obstructing your range of motion
  • Without requiring any pins, screws, or drills
  • Without requiring any bones to be cut or repositioned

Remember also that your body is isn’t just a collection of unrelated parts and joints, but a unified whole where each component affects the others. Because the entire body rests on your feet, they are especially important. Misaligned feet directly cause misalignments in knees, hips, and other places as the body struggles to compensate. When you correct misaligned feet via HyProCure, you’re also correcting these secondary misalignments, too.

Because HyProCure is a minimally invasive procedure and does not require any reconstructive techniques, the risks of complications are comparatively low, and recovery times are quick—most people are back in normal shoes within a week or two.

To learn more about this treatment option or determine whether it’s the right choice to help correct your flat feet or hyperpronation, please give Dr. Joel Foster a call at (816) 246-4222 or simply fill out our contact form to schedule your appointment

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