Misaligned Feet Can Lead to Other Painful Complications

Minor misalignments can have major repercussions. In golf, pushing your tee shot ten degrees to the right is enough to send it 45 yards off line. At home, a foundation that sags by a couple of inches can lead to obvious floor sloping at best and serious structural damage at worst. The same is true when it comes to your feet and ankles.

It wasn’t an accident that we chose the example of a home foundation. Your body is a home of sorts, and your feet are the foundation. Misaligned feet can therefore lead to all sorts of painful complications, including:

  • Flat feet that progressively worsen over time. Your arches are designed to flex like shock absorbers in order to deal with weight and pressure. Misaligned feet causes them to wear down and flatten.
  • Toe deformities like bunions and hammertoes. Feet that can’t properly balance or distribute impact forces can slowly push bones and joints out of alignment. That leads to pain, difficulty wearing shoes, and other problems.
  • Pain throughout the standing skeletal system. Just like a cracked foundation can mean damage to walls, ceilings, and roofs, misaligned feet can create problems everywhere. Ankles, knees, hips, even back joints get pulled out of alignment themselves to compensate for the imbalance.

One of the most common types of foot misalignment, known as talotarsal displacement, occurs in the hindfoot. In a normal foot, there is a small gap (the sinus tarsi) between the ankle bone (talus) and heel bone (calcaneus). But if you have talotarsal displacement, the sinus tarsi collapses and the ankle bone falls out of line with the heel bone when you take a step.

Misaligned Feet Solutions

Fortunately, we offer an advanced, minimally invasive solution to this form of foot misalignment. A small titanium stent called HyProCure is inserted into that natural gap—the sinus tarsi—which keeps it from collapsing and keeps your ankle bone in its proper place. By correcting the problem, you also treat those nasty symptoms, too.

Of course, talotarsal displacement isn’t the only possible misalignment that could be causing issues. No matter what’s causing the problem, we will assess the situation and provide appropriate treatment options, such as custom orthotics or surgical correction.

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